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Mad Ramblings of No One Particularly Important

Yehudah Trottier
4 November 1981
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...trail of dead, aardvarks, acid, anarchy, anger, anselm, apocalypse now, asian girls, augustine, barth, battleaxes, bauhaus, beatniks, bible, black sabbath, blackilicious, blade runner, blue rodeo, bombs, books, brainstorming, brutality, buckaroo banzai, c.s. lewis, camus, cats, chinese food, church, cigars, clone high, coffee, comics, communism, cute bunnies, damien jurado, deconstruction, deism, desire, discopunk, dostoyevsky, douglas coupland, emo, escape from new york, existentialism, fantasia, fascism, feminism, fire, fugazi, galaxie 500, ginsberg, girls, hair, happy mondays, hardcore, hate, hedonism, herman's hermits, hot dogs, hot hot heat, iggy pop, indie, interpol, jesus, jesus christ, john calvin, joy division, joy electric, julius caesar, karl marx, kerouac, kissing, knives, koran, ladytron, le tigre, libertarianism, love, low, machiavelli, macintosh, mad max, making movies, martin luther, mazzy star, mc5, minor threat, mohammed, monergism, mongols, movies, music, nero, new order, new york, oi, ossian, papua new guinea, pedro the lion, philosophy, poetry, poisonous animals, politics, psychobilly, punk, quiet cathedrals, ramones, raves, relationships, sadness, saskatchewan, scandinavia, shoegazing, ska, socialism, socrates, spain, starflyer 59, stoicism, straight edge, sxe, t. s. eliot, the beatles, the chameleons, the clash, the cramps, the gang of four, the iguanas, the juliana theory, the pixies, the raincoats, the rapture, the residents, the stooges, the velvet underground, the waste land, the white stripes, theology, timothy leary, u2, vanilla coke, violins, weirdness, wesley willis, wolverines, world domination, yeah yeah yeahs, you, your mom, yukon